NFL Quarter Betting Odds

For the bettor that loves fast paced action and quick results then betting odds on quarters of NFL games is something you are going to want to explore further. If you haven't figured it out by now, quarter betting lines are for just 15 minutes of action on the field instead the 60 minutes plus overtime that traditional spread betting covers.

What you need to know about quarter lines is that anything that happened previously to that quarter no longer matters. It is essentially as if the teams have reset to 0-0 at the end of each quarter. With that said, the score of the game can influence the odds however only what happens during that quarter matters for the bet.

Also, betting odds for NFL quarters aren't available all the time. You will see 1st quarter lines released on the morning of the games whether that be Thursday, Sunday or Monday. And, there are betting lines for the second, third, and fourth quarters as well, however they come and go very quickly, and usually bettors will have a tough time finding books that have second and fourth quarter lines because there is only a matter of minutes between those quarters. From personal experience, we've seen these lines go up and come down in as little as 20 seconds so you have to be on the ball when they do come.

Below you will see the quarter betting odds that are currently available. Likely, unless it is the morning or afternoon before a game, you probably won't see any of these NFL betting odds but be patient as they will become available later in the week, closer to when games begin.

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