Betting Odds For Week 5 NFL Games

The betting odds for Week 5 NFL games begin with the Thursday night game between the Los Angeles Rams and the Seattle Seahawks. The Rams are favored by -2.5 points to get the job done and come away with the early week victory. The following Sunday bettors can look forward to the Ravens against the Steelers. This is one of the biggest rivalries in the NFL with a deep history of smash-mouth defenses and playoff implications on the line every time they play. The early lines have the Steelers favored by -3 points. The Packers and Cowboys are also set to faceoff that weekend. Two of the most recognized franchises in the entire league will surely draw a high amount of action. The Cowboys, (a.k.a. America’s Team) is favored by -3 at this time.

The NFL betting odds for week 5 games will surely be adjusted the sooner we get to kick-off. Depending on injuries, team record, weather conditions, etc. anything can change the bookmaker’s line. There will also be more lines provided for the game by more sportsbooks. As the number of betting opportunities starts to expand we will surely keep you in know on where you put action and what you can put action on.

Top Sportsbooks for Betting on the NFL
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