NFL Weekly Schedules For 2018

Once the league posts its matchups for the new football season, the NFL weekly schedules for 2018 will be listed here at, updated regularly each week throughout every team’s campaign. And remember, with NFL games being played three days a week (Thursday, Sunday, and Monday), you’ll have lots of contests to choose from every time you want to place a legal sports bet at your favorite online betting shop.

When it comes to legal NFL betting, some often-overlooked aspects are the home and away advantages of all the teams involved, as well as the betting trends based on travel statuses, start times, temperatures, stadium conditions (indoor/outdoor), field conditions (natural grass, artificial turf), venue elevations, and so on. By paying close attention to the locations and road vs. away trends of the games you’re betting on, you’ll have an immediate edge compared against most casual bettors when it comes time to put money on the line.

Listed below, you’ll find all of the NFL weekly schedules for 2018. All 32 teams in the league will be represented (excepting specific clubs on their bye weeks), and you’ll find the kickoff times for each game, the home and away statuses of each team, and even weather reports where applicable. By combining venue and game-time information with the requisite betting trends for your teams and their opponents – and by then shopping around at multiple legal online sportsbooks for the best odds, lines, and payouts – you’ll be able to make informed wagers and increase your bankroll accordingly.

Click here to see team-specific schedules.

The NFL has not yet released its schedule for the 2018 season, but check back regularly for updates.

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