NFL Weekly Matchups

Betting on the NFL can be as easy and straightforward or in-depth and complex as you want. And while the casual sports bettor probably isn’t a number-crunching stats-nerd, studying a little bit of background is always a good idea. To that end, when you’re putting money on football games, you’ll be well-served by going over the NFL weekly matchups, making sure to glean the basics about how the teams historically fare against one another.

Here, you’ll find information and helpful wagering tips for NFL weekly matchups throughout the course of the season, and the NFL betting odds will be updated regularly once they’re posted by the industry’s top online sportsbooks. Bear in mind that after these betting shops publish their odds, the spreads, straight bets, and moneylines may shift to compensate for any lopsided action from the wagering public. Because of this, any time that you come across particularly favorable odds, you should place your wagers as soon as possible to maximize your potential payouts.

Since the league hasn’t officially started their NFL weekly matchups just yet, you’ll need to check back at the start of the 2019 campaign to get all the stats and trends you need to make smart bets and informed wagers for Week 1 of the season (and every week thereafter).

Top Sportsbooks for Betting on the NFL
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