Betting Odds For Week 1 NFL Games

Week 1 of the NFL season is far behind us, with the original 32 teams having been dwindled down to a select few playoff contenders. Interestingly enough, two of the NFC teams that met each other during Week 1 will meet again during the NFL Playoffs – the New Orleans Saints and the Minnesota Vikings. This romp ended with a 29-19 victory for Vikings, but the stakes will be much higher in the NFL Playoffs. The Saints went on to top the NFC South, while the Vikings clinched the NFC North. Will one of these NFC teams become the 2018 Super Bowl Champs? Stay tuned to find out.

Now that we are in the 2017 NFL Playoffs, you can look forward to seeing which team will be crowned the next NFL Super Bowl Champion. The NFL betting odds for Week 1 NFL games may be off the board, but there is still plenty to bet on at the leading NFL sports betting sites. Once the postseason wraps up, you can check back for updated Week 1 odds for the 2018 NFL season.

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