NFL Pre-Season Betting Odds

All games taking place during the NFL preseason are going to be exhibitions by default, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t NFL preseason betting odds available. Odds set during the four weeks of preseason games leading up to the regular season are all readily available at the leading offshore sportsbook sites like Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting or 5Dimes. The odds offered on preseason contests are much the same as their regular season weekly betting odds and NFL Playoff betting odds counterparts – for instance, just like betting against the spread for a regular-season game, oddsmakers install a spread for the preseason games.

Of particular note to veteran sports bettors and for fans just getting into wagering on the NFL, preseason betting odds might look a lot different than the ones offered on the same team the during the regular season. It all depends on which teams are and the players who will take the field each week, which is important to pay attention to, so keep up-to-date on all the changes by checking out our weekly NFL team schedules and the breakdown of the NFL power rankings.

The discrepancy between preseason betting odds and odds on regular-season games comes down to a variety of factors: starters and star athletes are often benched during a preseason contest or only see limited playing time on the field, which in turn alters the betting odds from what you would normally expect from a regular-season game. The best example of this is when teams like the Cardinals or the Bucs have favorable odds to take down the elite franchises in their respective leagues when playing in NFL exhibition games. All that is to warn you off of being fooled should you see the Rams as a 5-point underdog against the Raiders int the 2019 pre-season. NFL betting lines like these are probably pretty accurate given the circumstance and special considerations outlined above, even if the team implicated aren’t exactly the "lock of the year" that every smart bettor searching to find.

We’ll have all of the NFL preseason betting lines for you listed below as soon as they become available week to week, so be sure to check them out and see if a betting line looks like a moneymaker. Knowing which players are going to take the field for the game will give you a big leg up when it comes to NFL preseason wagering, which is another facet of why betting on the preseason is quite different than the regular season.

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