NFL Halftime Betting Odds

As opposed to first half betting, NFL halftime betting odds allow you to put action on the second half outcome of a game. However, the spreads and over/unders given as halftime odds do not apply to anything that occurred in the first half of the contest in question. Essentially, NFL halftime betting odds can be characterized as second-half betting odds.

As an example, let’s say that the Steelers are playing the Eagles, and the score is 17-10 in favor of Pittsburgh at the half. The halftime betting odds might then feature a point spread of -7.5 for the Steelers. Now, let’s say that the Steelers end up winning the game 24-10. If we just consider the final score, the Steelers win by 14 points, well over the -7.5 spread posted at the half. However, because the Steelers only outscored the Eagles by 7 points in the second half, they actually would not cover the second half spread. Totals betting works the same way, so you have to be careful not to confuse the final score with the 2nd half “score” when playing NFL halftime betting odds.

The benefit that NFL halftime betting odds present to the legal sports betting enthusiast is that they’ve basically had an entire half by which to judge the competing teams. Of course, the bookmakers also take those first-half performances into account, so their NFL betting odds will be published accordingly.

Once the 2019 NFL season gets underway, you can find updated NFL halftime odds below. However, these odds will only be posted during halftime of their requisite games. That means that bettors have to act fast to place halftime spread and totals bets, as they’ll be able to do so for just 10-12 minutes (during halftime) of any given game.

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