NFL Power Rankings For 2018

NFL Power Rankings are a fun and exciting way to see how your team measures up against the rest of the league. It's one of the reasons that college football rankings are so popular. We like lists and rankings, and we give you our own unique version of NFL Power Rankings, from which we derive from a variety of factors and statistics. What comes out of it all is a ranking for each of the 32 NFL teams.

Check out our NFL Power Rankings each week beginning right away in Week 1, and continuing all the way through the end of the regular season in Week 17. We will have them available for you following the conclusion of each week after Monday Night Football. See how your favorite team stacks up on our Power Rankings, moving up and down the board as the season moves on, plus you can use these to figure out which NFL teams to bet on this week.

2018 NFL Preseason Power Rankings

1 Giants Last Week: 1 The defending champs needed a running back and got one, unfortunately the one that they tried to get went elsewhere. It is up to Eli to lead them back.
2 Patriots Last Week: 2 You are going to see a whole new look on the Patriots defense. They drafted defensive players in the first 6 rounds of the draft.
3 Packers Last Week: 3 With any luck, rogers will get a little more help from the defense and they will not have as many shootouts as the last few years.
4 Ravens Last Week: 5 Look for the Ravens to be as nasty as they ever have been. The defense has added linebacker Courtney Upshaw to help their already potent defense.
5 49ers Last Week: 4 The 49ers are saying that they could not be more pleased with Randy Moss. They said that he is playing like he has the energy of a rookie.
6 Texans Last Week: 6 Look for Matt Shaub to have a good year with a ton of talent a wide receiver.
7 Eagles Last Week: 12 The Eagles had a very solid draft and they have a much improved defense that should help them get a few more wins thenlast year.
8 Steelers Last Week: 9 Look for Big Ben to have a great year with the addition of a few guys on theoffensive line. He should beable to sit back and throw the ball around to multiple guys.
9 Lions Last Week: 7 The Lions defense is going to have to overachieve if they want to make it to the playoffs, especially at cornerback.
10 Broncos Last Week: 8 Look for the Broncos to be a much better team all around, especially on offense. They added one of the best Qb's in the league with Peyton Manning and they drafted a RB they hope will break out.
11 Bears Last Week: 10 The bears got alot of players in the draft that will fill some much needed positions.
12 Falcons Last Week: 13 Draft class featured no first-round pick, a second-round guard, a third-round tackle and no drama. (Sando)
13 Saints Last Week: 11 The falcons did not have a very exciting draft and they are basicly running with most of the players from last years team. However, Drew Breese did just sign a new $100 million contract that keeps him there.
14 Cowboys Last Week: 14 Other then the addition Morris Claiborne, the Cowboys did not get much worth talking about in the draft.
15 Chargers Last Week: 15 A long time coming, this could be the year that Phillip Rivers really breaks out and takes his team for a run deep into the playoffs.
16 Bengals Last Week: 19 The Bengals have been surprisingly good since Andy Dalton took the starting job, and they should be able to at least match that success in 2012-2013.
17 Chiefs Last Week: 17 With several veterans returning from injury plus a nice draft class, Romeo Crennel will have his work cut out for him this season.
18 Titans Last Week: 16 The Titans have added a wide receiver to the team as well as a tight end that can expand the passing game, but they did not fix the fact that they suck at the pass rush.
19 Cardinals Last Week: 21 If nothing else, the offense should be better with the addition of 3 promising wide receivers.
20 Jets Last Week: 20 The Jets will have a ton to deal with including a few receivers from the draft that are questionable. Also, we at least have to say the word Tebow, or it would not be right.
21 Panthers Last Week: 18 Look for Cam Newton to have continued success in Carolina. He has a ton of weapons and a great overall offense that should make his job easier.
22 Seahawks Last Week: 22 The Seahawks have replaced 5 out of their front 7 defensive players, but all that was make them stronger. Look for a nasty defense and a shaky offense.
23 Bills 6-10 Last Week: 23 The Bills have the potential to be great, but they could also win less then 5 games with no problem.
24 Buccaneers Last Week: 24 The defense should be a bit better in 2012 for the Bucs, but do not expect it to be much better then last place in the NFL. They were the worst in the league in YPP last year and they tried to fix it by drafting defense with 4 of the first 5 draft picks.
25 Redskins Last Week: 25 If there is going to be a break out team from the bottom of this list, look out for Washington and RG 3. They now have exciting football in Washington again.
26 Raiders Last Week: 26 Look for the Raiders to pretty much suck it up in 2012. They did not get a draft pick the first or second round and they did not do much in free agency so far.
27 Dolphins Last Week: 28 The Dolphins are pumped up about QB Ryan Tannehill, but the rest of the country can not figure out why. We think that this could be a major bust for Miami, yet again.
28 Jaguars Last Week: 27 The Jags did add receiver Justin Blackmon and defensive end Andre Branch, but they also wasted a pick on a punter in the 3rd rd. WTF?
29 Rams Last Week: 29 The Rams loaded up in the draft this year, taking six players among the top 96 draft picks. Look for a whole new look to the Rams across the board.
30 Browns Last Week: 30 The Colt McCoy era is over and the Brandon Weeden era begins. Look for the same old crappy performances from the Browns this year.
31 Vikings Last Week: 31 Look for the Vikings to struggle in 2012, with a lack of talent on both sides of the ball.
32 Colts Last Week: 32 They surrounded Andrew Luck with weapons on offense, but the defense still has a ton of holes. The fans may not get to see how good Luck is until they address the issues on defense.
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