NFL Future Betting Odds

Among the most popular football wager types are NFL future betting odds. Instead of being based on individual contests, NFL futures are formed weeks or months in advance. The most common NFL futures wagers are centered around the Super Bowl, AFC Championship, and NFC Championship games. Each of these requires the bettor to pick which team he or she believes will win the given event, and the selections are usually available year-round (or very close to it). In fact, the day after the NFL season ends, you can usually find at least some of next season’s futures odds posted at most legal online sportsbooks.

Because you can bet on NFL futures odds throughout the course of the season, betting shops and other bookmakers will constantly adjust the moneylines for all the teams involved. If, for example, a marquee player on a top-rated team goes down with a season-ending injury in Week 5, that club’s futures odds to win the Super Bowl will take a dramatic hit. Alternatively, as other teams come on strong during the course of the year, their odds might shorten, giving bettors less of a payout if they’ve waited to place their bets. Successfully navigating and profiting off of NFL future betting odds requires lots of statistical projection and good timing above all else.

Of course, NFL futures are not limited to the winners of the Conference Championships or the Super Bowl. In fact, different sportsbooks will offer various different futures wagers on their betting boards, with the common denominator being that all such bets are based on outcomes that will be unknown until some (farther than normal) “future” time, usually at the end of the regular season or playoffs. One such common NFL futures wager allows gamblers to bet on the NFL MVP race throughout the season. As with all futures bets, injuries, slumps, and surges all play a part in the process, and any NFL betting odds posted will fluctuate accordingly.

The most up-to-date Super Bowl LI betting odds, as well as the NFC and AFC Conference betting odds, are listed below in real-time. Since these will change regularly, check back often to catch the latest lines of all the best NFL future betting odds. And remember, if you see a line you like, you should put action on it ASAP before it dips to a less favorable payout on the moneyline.

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Current NFL Future Betting Odds For Super Bowl 52

With the Divisional round of the NFL Playoffs looming, the current NFL future betting odds for Super Bowl 52 have been whittled down to the 8 remaining teams and their comparative chances to win. Right now at Bovada, the Patriots are favored to repeat as Super Bowl champions at +175, while the Vikings (+350), Steelers (+550), and Saints (+600) are right behind them.

Current NFL Future Betting Odds For The Conference Championships

As you might imagine, the team with the best future betting odds to win the AFC Championship is the Patriots at -175, while the Steelers are sitting behind them at +225. Likewise, the team with the best odds to win the NFC Championship is the Vikings at +135, while the Saints are +275.

Current NFL Future Betting Odds For MVP

The current NFL future betting odds for MVP of the NFL have now settled into their final positions. As you probably expect, Tom Brady – at 40 years old – is the odds-on favorite to win the award at -300 over his only real competition (since Carson Wentz went down with an ACL tear) in Rams’ RB Todd Gurley (+200). Drew Brees (+1200), Russell Wilson (+1200), and Carson Wentz (+1600) are longshots in the category.

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