Betting Odds For Week 6 NFL Games

With the betting odds for Week 6 NFL games a thing of the past, bettors can focus on the 2018 NFL Playoffs. Many of the teams that stood out during Week 6 were able to make playoff appearances, including the Patriots facing their division rival Jets and the Saints going 52-38 over the Lions. The Dolphins beat the Steelers in a 30-15 upset, but Pittsburgh was still able to go 13-3 and make it to the playoffs. Just as you could bet on these Week 6 matchups, you can also bet on your favorite teams in the NFL Playoffs and even the Super Bowl.

Once NFL Week 6 betting odds are once again posted at online sportsbooks, you can check this page for the latest odds. Each and every week of the NFL regular season, you can find NFL betting odds from all of the top online sports betting sites. Until then, you can bet on the 2018 NFL Playoffs and NFL Futures.

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