Betting Odds For Week 11 NFL Games

Week 11 is when playoff contenders and playoff pretenders really start to show. That is why some folks like to put action on betting odds for week 11 NFL games early. Even though it's still a little while away, there are two games that you can put money on right now if you’re using BetOnline. Betting on the spread for the Philadelphia Eagles vs. the Patriots may entice you. The Eagles are a 2.5 favorite to take down the reigning champs. The Monday night game is between the Chiefs and Chargers. Last season this game came down to the wire and this bookmaker is expecting the same result this year. The Chargers are favored to win by just a single point.

While bookmakers are mainly going off of the results from last season now, the NFL betting odds will almost undoubtedly shift as this season progresses. For example, if Carson Wentz gets injured again is out against the Patriots then the Eagles likely won’t be favored by game-time. We will be sure to give you a clear picture of all the betting odds for week 11 NFL games once we see anything change.

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