Betting Odds For Week 9 NFL Games

While it may seem like far away, betting odds for week 9 NFL games are available right now. If you go onto BetOnline you’ll see that you can put down real money on some of the games scheduled for that week. There are two games available as of right now and those are the Colts against the Steelers and the Patriots against the Ravens. Even though the Steelers have lost two critical pieces of their offense in Antonio Brown and Le’veon Bell, they are still favored to win this game by 2.5 points. The Patriots, who are favored to win almost every game of the season quite soundly, is only a 1-point favorite in their game this particular week.

There might not be a whole lot of NFL betting odds for week 9 NFL games now, but there will be more than you can count by the time the week actually roles around. These odds are set before the season started so they will likely change the week of as well. In any case, we here at NFLbettingodds will keep you up to date with everything a bettor could want to know as the season progresses.

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