NFL Against The Spread Standings For 2019

For NFL sports bettors, a straight-up record is not the most important record when it comes to betting on the NFL - unless of course you only bet moneylines. But for a lot of us who bet against the spread, paying attention to NFL against the spread records are important to see how a team has fared on the betting lines installed for them. A team can have a good straight-up record, but a very poor record against the spread, or vice versa. After all, when betting on the spread we don't really care who wins straight up, so long as we cover our bet. The NFL against the spread standings for 2019 are a great tool for you to have when looking at teams that have had success on the betting line.

You can check out the latest against the spread standings for the NFL season based on actual NFL betting odds listed below. See how a team has fared overall, against their division, conference, outside of their conference and more. You can even find out if a team hit their win total that was predicted during the preseason (PWT). Breaking down the records for a team is a critical facet when it comes to betting, and this is a great tool to take advantage of when figuring out which side to wager. When the next season opens, you can find updated NFL against the spread standings for 2019 below.

What Exactly Does ATS Betting Mean In Football?

Chances are, you would not be checking ATS records if you were completely new to this type of betting, but extra clarification never hurts. Betting against the spread (ATS) means that you are wagering on a point spread rather than the moneyline or total. An example would be if you wanted to bet on the New England Patriots ATS. Let’s say that the oddsmaker has the Patriots listed as a -14 favorite over the Tennessee Titans. New England would cover the spread as long as they win the game by more than 14 points.

In the case of the Titans, they would cover by winning the game outright, or by losing by less than 14 points. If the Patriots won by exactly 14 points, or the Titans lost by exactly 14 points, the bet would result in a push that would be included in the team’s overall ATS standings. A team’s ATS record is an indication of how many times they have been able to cover the spread posted by Vegas. A team with an 8-6-2 ATS record would have covered 8 times, not covered 6 times, and pushed twice.

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