NFL 1st Half Betting Odds

In addition to betting on NFL point spreads (which, incidentally, is the most common bet-type there is), you can also wager on a modified point spread that is solely related to the 1st half of a given football game. Most legal online sportsbooks and betting shops offer NFL first half betting odds of this type, and they’re an enticing option for bettors looking to capitalize on various teams’ half-by-half performance metrics.

Typically, most bookmakers will simply cut the whole game’s spread in half when posting first half odds. However, the whole point of such a bet is to get an edge on a particular team’s playstyle as it relates to early vs. late scoring. Many clubs are “first-half teams,” putting up most of their points early in the game and then sitting on the lead for the majority of the second half (allowing their defenses to take over). Meanwhile, other clubs are “second half teams,” maintaining a balanced attack and wearing their opponents down to open an offensive window in the late third or fourth quarters. Because of this, folks wagering on NFL first half betting odds take these sorts of split trends into account and will generally cause the lines to shift from their original posted numbers as more and more money goes one way or the other.

Since it’s currently the off-season, there aren’t any specific NFL betting odds for the first half of regular-season games available at this time. However, betting on the NFL starts in the preseason, so check back to get odds on all the upcoming games, including NFL first half betting odds for each and every matchup of 2019.

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