Betting Odds For Week 4 NFL Games

With the conclusion of the NFL regular season, the betting odds for Week 4 NFL games are no longer on the board. Week 4 marked one quarter of the regular betting season, and we have now passed the same point in NFL Playoff betting. During Week 4, the Saints dominated the Dolphins 20-0, the Steelers toppled their neighboring Ravens 26-9, and the Patriots suffered a surprising 33-30 loss to the Panthers. New Orleans, Pittsburgh, and New England have all made into the 2018 NFL Playoffs while clinching their respective divisions.

Once the postseason wraps up and new Super Bowl rings are awarded, oddsmakers will begin posting preseason NFL betting odds. Before you know it, betting odds for Week 4 NFL games will be back on the board and you can wager on every regular season matchup. Until then, you can check out 2018 NFL Playoff odds and NFL Futures.

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