NFL Team Proposition Betting Odds

NFL Team props most often deal with weekly matchups between teams. In a match up, the two teams are usually installed with a number of props for that game, such as which team will score first, the first touchdown, the first field goal, etc. NFL odds for team props can include a number of lines in the game, but do not directly relate to the outcome of the game like betting against the spread.

NFL team prop betting provides bettors with a ton of opportunities to place wagers on a single game, or multiple games. And just like NFL player props, NFL team prop odds are also formed during the week and can have several more at the end of the week than when they were first formed at the beginning.

We have the latest NFL Team Prop odds listed for you below as they become available now and throughout the course of the season. Stick with us and you won't be without the information and current Team Prop Odds for every NFL game this season.

Current NFL Team Props For The NFL Playoffs

There is no NFL team prop that fans are more concerned with than when it comes to the NFL Playoffs. With the 2019 season almost underway, one of the most common NFL team prop bet types you’ll find include “will a certain team make the playoffs”. The odds are then set for either yes or no. These odds update after each Sunday because each team’s standings change and the playoff picture becomes all the clearer.

Types Of NFL Team Props

NFL team props are based on the overall team and there are opportunities to place bets year-round. You can bet on how your favorite team will perform during a specific matchup, or, you can start betting on how the franchise will perform throughout the season. We will provide you with a few examples of both types of NFL team props below.

Season Win Totals

This is a type of team prop that is placed well before the season begins on how you think a team will fare throughout the season. You can bet on the over/under of how many games a team will win throughout the regular season.

  • New England Patriots – 12.5 Wins
  • Pittsburgh Steelers - 10.5 Wins

Total Touchdowns

With a total touchdowns prop bet, you are wagering on the over/under of total touchdowns that one team scores in a game. In the example below, you could bet $165 to win $100 on the Eagles scoring 2 or more touchdowns. If you believe the Eagles will score 0 or 1 touchdowns during the match, you would bet $100 to potentially win $135.

Total Touchdowns – Philadelphia Eagles

  • Over 1 ½ (-165)
  • Under 1 ½ (+135)

Total Successful Field Goals

The total successful field goals prop is popular, and you can easily do your research before making the bet. View the team’s kicking statistics to find out their field goal attempts and field goals made. In the example below, you could bet $100 on the Jaguars to have 2 or more successful field goals to win $105. If you want to bet on the Jaguars to have 1 or fewer successful field goals, you could wager $135 to win $100.

Total Successful Field Goals – Jaguars

  • Over 1 ½ (+105)
  • Under 1 ½ (-135)
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