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The NFL is one of the most bet-on sports in the world, as NFL fans wager on a variety of lines that are formed both in the offseason and during the season. Betting on the NFL is a fun and exciting way to enjoy the most popular sport in the United States. And for those of you not as familiar with betting on the NFL, there are a variety of ways in which to do it as there are a ton of betting lines formed throughout the course of the year for wagering.

Here at, we have all of the information and wagering types that are available to you as a fan of gambling on NFL football games. There are several different types of wagering options, including betting on the Super Bowl futures, betting against the spread, betting against the moneyline, betting on the point total, and a ton of game and player proposition odds. You're going to see a ton of weekly odds and when the Super Bowl comes, action is really going to heat up!!! Look just to the right of this content for the basic game lines for Super Bowl LI and see where to bet them online.

How To Bet On The NFL - Betting Lines For NFL Football

There are several different types of betting lines when it comes to betting on the NFL. They include betting against the spread, betting on the moneyline, futures wagers, point total betting lines, and proposition odds. If you're ready to jump right into the mix, let's get started!

2017 Super Bowl Betting Odds

The 2017 Super Bowl is nearing and NFL fans everywhere can’t wait for this incredible matchup to kickoff between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons are coming into the game with the number one offense in the NFL led by probable MVP winner Matt Ryan and arguably the best receiver in the NFL, Julio Jones. These two will lead the charge against the league’s top scoring defense in the Patriots, who only allowed opponents to score less than 16 points per game this season. If it wasn’t for the four-game suspension to start the year, we would also be talking about Tom Brady as the potential MVP as he has put together yet another dominant season. There are countless matchups in this game that are producing excellent betting lines throughout online sportsbooks.

As of now, the Falcons are a three point underdog to New England, while the moneyline for both teams is +125 and -145 respectively, and the total is set at 59.5, which is the highest score prediction ever. While the game lines are usually the more popular bets available, there are also tons of proposition bets available that are specific to the game itself, teams, and even players.

You can find all of these Super Bowl betting opportunities at Bovada and BetOnline Sportsbook. These are two of the best Super Bowl LI betting sites and provide players with not only excellent lines for the big game but also have terrific customer service, banking variety, and great features like live betting and mobile betting on the Super Bowl. Signing up is free so get started ASAP so you don’t miss out on winning money betting on Super Bowl 51.

Most Current Super Bowl LI Betting Lines - Bet Now At Bovada!

NFL Game Odds + Betting Lines

For each game in the NFL, oddsmakers form a spread where one team is set as the favorite, and the other in the role of the underdog. If you choose to bet against the spread, then you place a wager on which team you believe will cover the betting line that has been set down by oddsmakers. That is different from betting on the moneyline, which is a simple straight-up wager picking the winning team without a point spread involved.

There is also betting on the over/under point total for a particular game. Oddsmakers install a point total combination for both of the teams for the game, and you simply place a wager on the actual game total going over or under that number. These are all types of betting lines known as straight wagers.

First Half, Halftime, Quarter Wagering

Other types of straight wagers for betting on the NFL are within the game itself, and not betting on the complete outcome. For example, oddsmakers install point spreads not just for the entire game, but also for quarters and halves. These spreads work just as they would betting on the spread for the outcome of a game, only broken up for more betting action. With these quarter and half time wagers, you have the ability to get in on more action for straight wagers for every game.

See: NFL First Half Betting Odds | NFL Halftime Betting Odds | NFL Quarter Betting Odds

NFL Futures Odds

Super Bowl betting odds are the most common type of NFL future odds, and are generally available year-round even in the offseason. Each of the 32 NFL teams are installed with odds to win the Super Bowl for the upcoming year, and during the season are adjusted depending on how the teams fare. Other types of NFL Futures odds that are most popular include conference betting odds, with teams set with betting odds to win the NFC or the AFC.

Click here to see the most current odds to win Super Bowl LI as found at Bovada's online sportsbook.

Betting On Conference + Division Winners - NFC / AFC Champion Odds

Each year the betting odds come out for which team will win each of the conferences and division in the NFL. This means that you are able to bet on whether or not your team will make it to the Super Bowl before the season starts, which is when you will get the best odds. These can be bet on during the regular season but at adjusted rates.

Additionally, odds to win a particular division are available during pre-season and in the regular season, up until the winner has been crowned or it is all but assured. Those can typically be found in the future odds at sportsbooks or right here at! See the odds for: AFC Championship | NFC Championship

Proposition Wagering: Team + NFL Player Props

Proposition betting on the NFL presents a ton of betting lines throughout the course of the year. Player prop betting odds during the season most commonly refer to individual performances on a weekly basis for a given game. For example, an over/under number of touchdown passes for a quarterback, or rushing yards for a running back would be two types of NFL player prop odds. Team prop betting odds are also similar to this, such as which team will score first in a match up, or which team will score the first touchdown. NFL proposition odds are various in nature, and cover a wide range of outcomes.

There are also NFL Team and Player Prop Futures Odds as well. An example of this might be the betting odds to win the NFL MVP for the season, which are generally formed weeks and months in advance.

NFL Betting Online - Websites With Betting On NFL Football Games

The good news about betting on the NFL is that every online sportsbook focuses on football season. Those who like to gamble on National Football League games will find that there is a hell of alot more NFL betting odds available at oline sportsbooks then there is in a Las Vegas sportsbook. In fact, Vegas betting odds for the NFL do not even compare to the ones that can be found online. The online sportsbooks that we picked out to be the best for NFL betting allow players to bet live on all NFL games during the regular season and they also have all the betting odds you can imagine the entire week of the games.

If you are in need of a good online sportsbook to bet on the NFL, check out one of the ones that we list here below. There is not many listed here, but we know that the ones listed are trusted in every way. We have been betting on NFL games at these sportsbooks for years, and we know that they will have everything users could want.

Bovada - Exceptional Number Of Betting Lines For NFL Games Weekly

Bovada is the name of the new Bodog site that is open to players all over the world, including those that live in the United States. This is the best online sportsbook for betting on the NFL, with more betting lines then any other sportsbook. Bovada users will find futures, props, quarter and halftime odds, and every other kind of NFL betting odds available. New players that sign up for a new account can get a 50% match bonus when they make their first deposit, and maybe even more, depending on the promotions going on at the time you sign up. The NFL betting lines + wagers found at Bovada are second to none and we strongly reccomend them to all of our visitors that want to bet on NFL.

BetOnline - Simple + Fast To Use; Early Betting Lines For NFL Games

BetOnline's NFL betting odds are among the very best available, and so is their sportsbook as a whole. This sportsbook is listed as one of the best online sportsbooks by almost every portal online. They have big bonuses to new players, tons of NFL betting lines, top knotch customer service, and alot more to offer. New users will get a 25% sign up bonus for their first deposits and they will also receive reload bonuses for betting on the NFL as the year goes on. Overall, this is an awesome sportsbook with tons of betting odds for NFL games.

Betting On Live NFL Games - Adjusted Spreads, Totals + Props

Online sportsbooks today are more interactive than ever with their players, with live betting spearheading that charge. The NFL is one of the leading sports when it comes to betting live on a game and it allows those with accounts at online sportsbooks to get in on all of the action from the first kick to the final snap.

Different sportsbooks will have different ways in which they choose to display their live betting section. Not all online sportsbooks will have live betting. Those that do offer live betting on the NFL will allow players to bet on a variety of different betting lines, such as point spreads, over/under totals, team props, player props, and game props. The live odds that are available to be wagered on will be presented to the user with the option to go ahead and place the bet, or wait for another to come along.

We recommend Bovada for live betting on NFL games however BetOnline, and 5Dimes (all found in our table) also have it.

Not all NFL games are available for live betting, but those that are will be marked accordingly. A general rule of thumb would be games that are nationally telecast like Monday Night Football, Sunday Night Football and others but it can be other big games as well.

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There is a lot of money to be made betting on the NFL, and an informed bettor that keeps up with NFL betting odds always has an advantage when doing it. Here our goal is not only to keep you up to date with the latest betting odds for the NFL season, but also to inform you on all of betting types and options available to you. Be sure to check back with us during the offseason and throughout the course of the season for everything related to NFL gambling online.