NFL Halftime Betting Odds

Betting odds on the second half of an NFL game are usually formed right away during the halftime break. NFL halftime betting odds do not allow for much time for bettors to get in on the action, but you get the advantage of seeing how the two teams performed in the first half of play. That gives you the opportunity to take advantage, versus betting on the spread from the opening kickoff.

Betting on the second half is another way to get in on a lot of the NFL betting action, but gives the bettor a bit of a leg up seeing the two teams battle it out for 30 minutes. You can then make an informed decision about the two teams and what you have already seen on the second half betting line. It's sort of like getting a sneak preview of what might happen, then getting the opportunity to get in on the action. But oddsmakers have also seen what happens, and will form a betting line accordingly.

Below, we have all of the updated NFL betting odds for the halftime lines for the current week's games but do know that they are only available during the half. If it is not Monday night, Thursday night, or Sunday, you are not going to find any odds listed below. When the odds are listed, you must move quickly because they can come off the board as fast as they go on the board.

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