NFL Future Betting Odds

One of the most common and most popular ways to bet on the NFL are NFL future betting odds. These odds are formed weeks and months in advance, and usually center around the Super Bowl, NFC and AFC. Super Bowl Futures Odds are probably what come to mind first, as these odds are formed the day after the Super Bowl the previous season. Teams are then set with odds to win next season's Super Bowl even before the draft, free agency and the minicamps.

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Of course, Super bowl futures are adjusted as different events take place, and throughout the course of the regular season. And, you should know that NFL future odds are not limited to Super Bowls and Conference Championships bur also include a variety of propositions betting lines like NFL MVP Odds for example are also a form of a futures wager.

The most up-to-date Super Bowl XLVII Betting odds, as well as the conference betting odds are listed below, and will be continually updated as the season progresses and the NFL betting lines begin to shift. They will obviously change as the course of the season goes and are updated accordingly. It's important to get in on a betting line that you like before it's too late and they change!